The Womensphere Foundation is dedicated to empowering women and girls to lead, create our future, and transform our world.

Our Chair's Message shares what we believe, and what we do.

Our five cornerstone initiatives:

1) We create unique solutions leveraging media, technology, and education, to empower women and girls:

  • Creating media and leveraging technology that inspire and empower women and girls worldwide
  • Building a global community dedicated to unleashing women’s potential
  • Empowering high impact organizations and social entrepreneurs advancing women and girls
  • Investing in the education of women and girls through innovative ways

2) We develop and co-create programs that unleash women’s potential and advance women.

  • Women leaders and innovators across all fields and industries
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Women in technology
  • Women in science and exploration
  • Women in music and the arts

3) We invest in cultivating and advancing the next generation of women leaders - emerging women leaders and innovators across all fields; emerging women scientists, technologists, and explorers; emerging women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; and emerging women artists.

4) We mobilize our growing global community to create and implement pilots and scaled solutions towards some of the world’s greatest challenges:

  • Empowering women as economic drivers, public leaders, creators, and innovators in society
  • Enabling sustainability and development, and women's leadership in sustainability and development
  • Protecting the dignity of women and girls around the world

5) We recognize world-changing leaders and innovators at the Womensphere Global Awards. 

Each year, the Womensphere Foundation recognizes extraordinary, world-changing women and men who are creating the future, transforming the world, and advancing the lives and opportunities of women and girls, with the Womensphere Global Awards.

The Womensphere Foundation is a private, operating foundation incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Delaware. The Womensphere Foundation is not a grant-making organization.