At Womensphere, we are allocating up to 50% of the net proceeds from all Womensphere conferences, events, media, and products to the Womensphere Foundation.  We will also be leveraging our assets and resources to fuel this inspiring Foundation.

We are inviting a core group of extraordinary individual supporters to be among the Founding Contributors of the Womensphere Foundation, and to help match our contribution and support the monumental work we’re undertaking.

Become a Founding Contributor today!

Your contributions will amplify our work to empower women and girls to lead, create our future, and transform our world.

Founding Visionary (Founding Visionary Circle):            $  50,000
Founding Champion (Founding Champion Circle):          $  25,000
Founding Leaders  (Founding Leaders Circle):                  $  10,000
Founding Partners  (Founding Partners Circle):               $    5,000
Founding Patron  (Founding Patrons Circle):                     $    2,500
Founding Supporter (Founding Supporters Circle):         $    1,000
Founding Benefactor (Founding Benefactors Circle):       $       500

Founding Level Contributors (from Founding Supporter level above) will receive complimentary invitation to join us at this Fall’s Womensphere 6th Global Awards Dinner, and special networking/celebration events throughout the year.  

To Contribute Online via Credit/Debit Card:  Please confirm becoming a Founding Contributor by directly contributing here (please click this link).

If you prefer to confirm your contribution through other means (wire/bank check), please contact our Chief of Staff, Ryan Letada, at ryan.letada (at)

We’re excited to have you on board and join our community of Founding Contributors, which currently includes:

  • Shazi Visram - CEO & Founder, Happy Baby
  • Dr. Monica Beltrametti - Vice President and Head, Xerox Research Centre Europe
  • Joyce Chang - Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase
  • Jeanne Sullivan - General Partner, Starvest Partners LP
  • Soon Young-Yoon – Chair, NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW) at the United Nations
  • Elisa Camahort Page - President, Co-Founder,
  • Linda Descano – CEO, Women & Co., Citigroup
  • Hila Sanders - Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase
  • Joe Michaels - Head of Business Development, MSN/Microsoft