At the Womensphere Foundation, we believe that access to quality education, educational programming, and continuing education, are key to empowering women and girls.  We also believe that investing in the education of women and girls worldwide counts as among the highest ROI (return on investment) types of investment.

We believe in expanding educational opportunities for women and girls by investing in formal education, continuing education, supplementary education, educational programming, and mentoring.

To invest in creating and expanding educational opportunities for women and girls in America and around the world, the Womensphere Foundation is developing programs that will:

  • Enable the creation of scholarships for women and girls around the world.
  • Develop opportunities for mentoring women and girls, and for the sharing of wisdom and knowledge across generations,  across disciplines and industries, and across countries.
  • Provide scholarships to some of the most promising emerging women leaders, emerging women scientists and innovators, and emerging women social entrepreneurs, to take part in world-class educational programming and training.

Leading educational and mentoring organizations that we are supporting and promoting: