The Womensphere Foundation is the heart and soul of Womensphere, our global social enterprise and community dedicated to empowering women and girls to lead, create our future, and transform our world.


We believe our world will be a much better one when women and girls play an active role in shaping and transforming it. We believe that with purpose and intention, we individually and collectively have the power to create a better future and a better world.   

We believe that women and girls can actively transform our world through many ways – leadership, innovation, science, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, education, music and the arts, among others. In unleashing their potential, we enable women and girls to actively transform our world.

We believe in the power of diversity to fuel innovation and creative solutions, and we believe in the power of unifying diverse solutions. A sphere would not exist without the circles that comprise it, and a circle on its own cannot create a sphere.  

We believe in the power of community to build, nurture, and sustain positive change.  Innovation has made this an era when individual power is at its greatest – any one person can have a voice, inspire change, and affect outcomes. We believe that success and positive change endures when a community is behind it.  Thus, we believe in building, nurturing, and inspiring collaboration among a community of leaders – bringing together women and men, emerging leaders, academic institutions, networks, companies, and many institutions that share our mission and purpose.

Our work at the Womensphere Foundation embody these principles and philosophy.


We seek to create education, inspiration, innovation, connections, and community for the women and girls we serve, and for our stakeholders.

We invest in the education of women and girls. We believe in the power of education in enabling women and girls to explore, imagine, and realize full potential. Thus, we are directly investing in helping scale education around the world, creating mentoring platforms for women and girls, and finding innovative ways to inspire continued learning. Given increasing complexity in the world, we also think beyond formal education – to educating women and girls towards becoming leaders, problem-solvers, creators, and innovators who will transform our world.  Thus, we also invest in the continued leadership growth,  innovation, and entrepreneurial development of women and girls

We seek to inspire transformation.  For women and girls to achieve full potential, many parts of society must transform – individuals, corporations, institutions, communities, societies, systems. We do not seek to enforce transformation. We believe that sustainable transformation is inspired

We seek to unleash the potential of women and girls through innovation. We take a proactive, creative approach in mobilizing people, resources, media, and technology to shape outcomes towards unleashing women’s potential, and advancing women’s evolution as leaders, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, educators, and creators. 

We reward and recognize extraordinary leadership that transforms our world.  We believe in the inspiring power of stories and examples. Through the Womensphere Global Awards, we recognize individuals and institutions that are blazing trails in advancing women and girls, and in transforming communities and societies.

We amplify the impact of social good organizations and institutions. We believe in supporting and amplifying the great work of organizations advancing women and girls, from global NGOs, to academic institutions, to social enterprises.

We convene a diverse global community of leaders and institutions to share innovations, exchange the best ideas, and collaborate on solutions.  We believe that in order to truly unleash potential in oneself and others, to inspire positive transformation, to solve problems, and to create positive impact in the world – the great ideas and great leaders of our time will come from a diversity of disciplines, industries, nationalities, cultures, affiliations, generations, and backgrounds.   We believe that the power of unity and collaboration across different circles will result in ultimately greater outcomes for women and for humanity.

We are building a global community and ecosystem of leaders, networks, companies, NGOs, and academic institutions around the shared mission of empowering women and girls to lead, create our future, and transform our world.

Join us as we undertake this monumental global endeavor.

Together, let us create a better world and an extraordinary future.

Sincerely yours,

Analisa Leonor Balares
Chair & Founder, Womensphere Foundation


Chair & Founder, Womensphere Foundation
CEO & Founder, Womensphere

Analisa Leonor Balares is a social innovator, community builder, media entrepreneur, and emerging global philanthropist.  She was recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, as an Outstanding Leader by the National Council for Research on Women, with the Madam C. J. Walker Award by the National Minority Business Council, and as one of 100 Most Influential Filipinas in America by the US Filipina Women's Network. Analisa was recently invited to serve on the Harvard Women's Leadership Board  supporting at the Women and Public Policy Program of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She serves on several Advisory Boards of organizations supported by the Womensphere Foundation.

Analisa has previously worked at Microsoft (managing global marketing for MSN's blogging/social networking platform), Goldman Sachs (helping raise over $1.5 billion in capital in the High Technology Investment Banking  Group) and Milestone Capital (helping develop and build the 85 Broads platform). She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, BA in Economics and Mathematics cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the Lester Pearson United World College, and a Silver Medal from the Manila Science High School.

For over two decades, Analisa has been committed to women's leadership development, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable development, and education. She has convened and co-produced over 100 conferences, forums, events and media on these themes.

Website: |  Twitter: @analisabalares